Our Expert

Aruna Deshmukh

Aruna Deshmukh is the founder and chief strategist of Mamie Marie. Hailing from Mumbai, India, Aruna has been passionate about technology and gambling games since her youth. She earned degrees in computer science and business, which enabled her to successfully combine her knowledge and passion in creating a unique online gambling platform.

Company Origin Story

The idea of ​​creating Mamie Marie was born in Aruna’s mind in 2018 when she noticed a growing interest in online gambling in India, but also saw a lack of quality and reliable platforms. With the firm goal of changing this, Aruna assembled a team of professionals and began developing a website that would meet the highest industry standards.

Our Achievements

Under Aruna’s leadership, Mamie Marie quickly gained popularity among players and became one of the leading online gambling platforms in India. We pride ourselves on offering:

  • Innovative Games: Our platform offers a wide selection of games, from classic casino games to modern video slots, catering to the tastes of all players.
  • Security and Reliability: We use advanced technologies to ensure the security of our players’ data and finances.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Our support team operates around the clock to assist players with any questions and issues.

Aruna Deshmukh continues to actively develop Mamie Marie, implementing new technologies and ideas to make the gaming experience on our site even more exciting and secure.

Join us and become part of the rapidly growing community of Mamie Marie players!